The Power Of Love: Tissues Ready!

2When Gerdi McKenna was diagnosed with cancer, her friends wanted to show her that they were completely in her corner…

Now, your ol’ Ed can be hard nut at times and even I welled up, (but don’t tell anyone! Just watch the video.)

Watch vid.

3 “I am doing it for my sister, she is one amazing person.. that is the least I can do.”


5“If I only think what Gerdi is going through, then this is NOTHING…It’s all for you my love.”






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58 thoughts on “The Power Of Love: Tissues Ready!

  1. You know kayak fisher have a tough persona to maintain. You should go around making us cry. But I’m glad you did. I hope Gerta is well. My wife’s cousin fought and beat Burkitts Lymphoma. I now donate my blood as often as I can. Thank for blogging this spirit of love… Of humanity

      1. I promise next time to reply from my desktop and not the iPhone app. My typing finger is a bit confused early in the AM

    1. Difficult to remember when I last read someone with such succinct, profound and efficient use of words. In the easy way you sussed out my ‘follow MO’ and an unlikely passage of text that I read on your site that wasn’t even part of a crafted post.
      I think I’m going to enjoy the organic beauty of Eddie Two Hawks. It’ll be the one point in the day that I actually stop and take a breath.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! This brought so much joy to my heart, to see all of the love and support. I’m a breast cancer survivor and know all too well about being bald, brave and beautiful! This is a must share! Reblogging ❤

  3. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. I am passionate about supporting those who are going through this disease. I am in tears. The love and support of this womans family is such a beautiful reminder that our health is a gift.

  4. Seriously, I wasn’t ready for crying so much!!! That was such a beautiful display of true friendship and love! What an amazing experience, to be able to give from the heart like that. Beautiful… pass me more tissues please

  5. And what makes this so much special for me is that these woman are speaking my language!! Afrikaans!! So they’re all South Africans, which just provides proof that we are amazing!

    Wat ‘n inspirasie, dames!

    1. This is inspirational and also very loving. Whatever that is good, whatever that is loving and whatever that is peaceful, we should keep our minds on them.

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