Would You Still Want An Enngagement Ring After Seeing This??!!


29 thoughts on “Would You Still Want An Enngagement Ring After Seeing This??!!

  1. Diamonds do have value as a tool. They are used in some grinders and saws for working in stone and metal.

    The stone I gave my wife was the stone my grandfather gave my grandmother. And I like the idea of it being a family heirloom.

    Jewelry is art so I do think it has value in that sense. But yes some people put far too much value on it. We live in a superficial culture were “Joe X” feels he needs to show up “Joe B” by getting his girl a bigger rock and throwing a more extravagant wedding party. Back in the 30s and 40s they also had much more modest rings/stones than today.

  2. The joining of two souls is where the value is. Where the beauty is. It’s not in a certificate, a ring, a joint checking account… What do we fall in Love with? With whom? For those with their eyes on the prize, do they see the other being involved in the “engagement”? Can one confide in the ring? Can one be comforted by a certificate? We have an obligation as humans to look beyond the symbols and see the truth that lies behind them, doing so in all things we can improve our relationships with everything and everyone.


    1. Having read your bio I understand your comment better and I couldn’t agree more. Perhaps all these symbols are an un needed distraction. Preparations for ‘The Big Day’ often masks underlying problems with the simple union between 2 people.

  3. It’s the same as Jade being hugely valued in China and very expensive even though as a substance it’s not worth much. Most everything that is tangible and expensive is overvalued in monetary terms when it comes down to it.

  4. I’m not surprised that’s how it all started, but i’m not a jewellery person, i have actually only worn my engagement ring unless i was forced too LOL. I think i’ve put it on twice in 8.5 years. I picked out the wedding rings, mine is a simple band. It seems very pretentious to get a huge diamond ring. It’s consumerism at it’s finest, and it can really be daunting to some that don’t get that lavish bling from their beloved fiancΓ©.

    1. Yes, it its a hugely successsful mind game set up for profit in that the first thing people say when one announces an engagement is ‘let’s see the ring,’ following which it is judged on it’s size and expense. Pure marketing at it’s best.
      Same here, not a jewelry person.

  5. Sorry everyone…i want the bling regardless of whether a jewlery company made it up. Alot of companies have created a majority of traditions. Who cares who created it. If u like the tradition why does it matter who invented or why it was created. I like the bling…i want the bling!

  6. I asked for a plain band when we got engaged. I made it very clear that I wasn’t interested in a huge diamond ring. When we got married, he upgraded the plain band (he hated it lol) to a band with three small stones. I got to pick it out. <3. One day, I might want a vanity ring but I feel like that's for when you're already settled. Also; I come from the Caribbean where diamonds are cheap and we would go home to buy one. We would save thousands upon thousands.

    1. Hello Asiaelle, I was just about to click on your new post! Interesting comment. But I think the video is also about people blindly following a tradition made up by a marketing team to make a company with a dubious reputation richer and which really has no intrinsic, spiritual or soulful value at it’s root.

      1. Oh, that’s certainly true. It’s just become the standard for expressing love by the company that controls the distribution of it. Just sharing how we did it. Saved us a ton of money because those diamonds sure are expensive.

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