Money Killed My Parrot!

Money is evil
Money is a curse
Money splits friends
Money killed my parrot??!!!parrot2-290x353

I hope you are wondering how on earth it is possible for money to kill my parrot. If you can’t come up with a feasible scenario you would be right. Without a human being’s clumsy interjection, money cannot kill my parrot because it is an inanimate object. This was in fact a big fat lie! And the moral of my flimsy story is that people shouldn’t make up mean stories about money because they wouldn’t like it if it were done to them!

Our Relationship With Money

In this post I want to you to look at your relationship with money to assess whether it could be holding you back from attracting enough to have it stuffed into drawers and hanging out of biscuit tins in your house.

I have touched on this in various comments. I mentioned the old conviction that ‘money is evil,’ as some would have you believe. The actual saying is ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’. Which still isn’t even true. But whatever IS the route, it is MAN who commits ALL crime and to blame money is just making excuses for the lack of it and passing responsibility for our own very human failures.

Money Talk

The way I wax lyrically about money is the same way I wax lyrically about anything of interest. Money is not the source of my life, my well being, my happiness, my fun or my goals. It has always been a rather nice consequence of what I choose to do with my life and the more the merrier. I wouldn’t limit it’s presence any more than I would limit the amount of smiles I receive daily to a set figure. That would seem so random and absurd and yet I hear people state how much would be just enough for them all the time. But why the limit? If they were offered more would they then burn it?

They don’t do that with say hair cuts, friends, pens, TV watching i.e, ‘In my life I only need watch 55,000 hours of TV and I’ll be happy’…so why pick on money?

Why the awkward relationship with money?

It is because some people have learnt to be uncomfortable with money or around it. They have learnt to distrust it, misunderstand it, misuse it, avoid it and attribute the wrong level of importance to it and yet not enough importance to understand enough financial jargon to protect it. It is a historical trick played on the psyche of the less wealthy by those who have absolutely no problem acquiring lots of it, particularly sourcing it from those who don’t have much of it in the first place! This game is financially damaging, deceptive, often corrupt and meant to obscure the real truth about wealth. It is kept in place to keep ‘ordinary’ folks handing over their hard earned cash to the super wealthy, via interest, charges, ignorance, tax and paying out to mimic the pretense of wealth with excessive, money wasting materialism. All the while blaming the wrong things or people for their lack of abundance. Money is not at fault. People are.

Are You A Financial Buck Passer?

I have watched financial buck passers literally back away from people who are obviously wealthy when I have taken them to show-bizzy events. They creep away quietly to a corner, preferring to have lengthy conversations with the waiters. Nothing wrong with waiters but this is where they are most comfortable. Is this you? Are you uncomfortable around financial success? Are you comfortable even just watching it or do you find yourself hurling insults at ‘successful’ people on TV from the comfort of your over-used sofa or from behind the anonymity of a computer on a regular basis?

Are you the sort of person who can’t quite put your finger on why you hate, say, Victoria Beckham and her family despite never having met them?

Artists, Artisans, Self Employed Or Small Business Buck Passers

The non lazy buck passers are also the type of people who toil hard and give excellent service in their line of work but disrespect their own talent or skill by waaaay undercharging. In my life as a business manager and coach, I have been in the process of negotiating on the telephone for a client, having pitched my figures at FIVE TIMES the amount they had originally suggested, only to have them red faced and mortified, waving and hissing loudly in the background, ‘NOOOOOOOO!’ They were hugely embarrassed to ask for such an amount.

Needless to say the customer always said yes and would always send a never-received-before thank you card upon completion of the job – both for the delivered job and the no nonsense service. On the other hand, this type of client would normally undercharge and yet their customers would still always find reasons and excuses not to pay them, upon completion of work. My pricing was never questioned because I did not ask apologetically if it would be okay to charge that particular amount and would they be able to afford it – (as one client often did!) It was delivered as a clear statement of what the job was truly worth, not a query.

Sainsburys or Walmart never ask their customers if they can afford their charges and neither do their customers attempt to pay less than the official prices, or refuse to pay once at the checkout, yet they are worth billions. Why is it that people who really NEED the money feel so insecure about asking for what their efforts are worth?

Working 9-5 What A Way To Make A Living!

When you get a 9-5 job, a stranger values you by what they pay you by the hour and somehow, (unsurprisingly), it is never quite enough is it? Doesn’t it seem that with transport, tax, food, clothing, snacks, after work hook-ups and other miscellaneous items you often end up paying out say Β£57 a day to earn Β£54? Very few people taste the freedom of never HAVING to work again, or having more than enough. The ones that do are people who do not give money undue respect. Money should haul rocks for you. You shouldn’t be hauling rocks for money. In other words money should be YOUR b*tch! The goal is to make it work for you. Not the other way around and I’ll get into this more from my own personal experience at a later date.

Money knows it’s place in my life and I have no fear earning and receiving as much of it that is available for me. I have had very little of it and tons of it and neither state changed my character or made me profoundly happier or sadder. It simply buys things. Products, time, respect, relaxation and economic peace of mind. That’s it! Used badly it can also buy a whole lotta trouble too! Either way it is not a dirty word, evil, a device that makes good people evil or greedy, (they already are!), a curse or something that is not spoken about in polite company. It is merely a means to an end, a device, a tool…I say BRING IT ON!

Please Do Come In And Wipe Your Feet First!

Whatever it’s size it is always welcome in my house! I will handle it. And I speak about millions (and billions!) whilst being one of the least materialistic people I know. Whilst I don’t respect money, I respect what it can do and indeed has done for me and others.

Can you honestly say that you have a good great relationship with money? One not based on fear, unintelligent nonsense, old fashioned beliefs, old wives tales, ignorance, feelings of unworthiness? Do you understand the basics of money, the history of money, the monetary system and how it works and how to make it work for YOU? Have you ever sat your children down and discussed money? Or despite it being one of the things we use every single day of our lives, do you not deem it important enough?


54 thoughts on “Money Killed My Parrot!

  1. O.O I’m one of those artists who self doubts the worth/value of her own creations/artwork that I mostly do the work for free. Till today, I still ask myself the same question whenever I look at my creations : would anyone actually pay for it and why?

    1. Same reason people buy Lady Gaga’s work or Justin Biener’s (<—was going to correct that spelling mistake – but I'm keeping it! I like it!) or Michaelangelo's or Banksy's.
      It's a creative endeavour and therefore it has value. How much is up to you.

  2. Reblogged this on Stafford Art Glass and commented:
    This is something I have dealt with in my own professional life, sometimes continue to do so and also try to get across to my students! We can all benefit from this advice about money. It is a bit stark, but it is also honest. And right-on.

  3. This particular post was the tipping point in my decision to begin following your blog. Through the course of reading it the one thought that was constantly with me is that money, like a cell phone, is a tool. We all know how many people nearly walk into traffic with their noses glued to their cell phone.

      1. Yes, as a general statement. Loved your other posts, too, BTW. This one was, to me, a refreshing look at the issue of money I mean, people want it so much but are afraid of it at the same time.

  4. The problem with what you said is, that we humans can’t be satisfied. We always want more. That’s why you will always welcome more money. But if we are surviving, happy, and not starving, why do we need more money. Why should we work solely in pursuit of this one thing if we already have enough.

    1. I would say okay, say you are happy and settled not starving – all is fine with you in your own little world of sufficient funds then BAM! An earthquake in India, a hurricane in Texas, a best friend or family member needs expensive treatment but can’t afford it – that’s where ‘more’ would come into it.
      I don’t think one can really ever say they have enough when complete strangers continue to destabilize the value of money with war and greed. What is ‘enough’ today can suddenly be worth almost nothing in a financial crisis.

      The other thing is I don’t think I said that one should work solely in pursuit of money. How tedious that would be! The point I made was why the false limitation to how much one will accept of it?

  5. Thanks for this post. I agree. And would like to add: It always confuses me that people who have jobs that are good for others (say, nurses, teachers etc.) are paid so much less than people with jobs that are bad or neutral for others. And that society as a whole and the under-paid “good” people seem to be absolutely fine with this, as if this made sense… And as if a nurse who wants to be paid well for the very hard and beautiful work she does is somehow not genuine – because she should swim in blood, sweat and tears just because she is so pure and committed…

    1. It’s a really weird attitude isn’t it Eva? But it is part of a long time brain washing directive that kept people in their place in history and continues today. It was part of this whole attitude that somehow there is honour in being poor and you will get your riches later…you know… in Heaven where there is no evidence that that will actually happen. Whilst the same people who are telling you this are quite happy with their riches on earth…and want more…from you who have less. It is so pervasive a thought that yes a nurse might feel bad demanding a living wage, or God forbid, striking for it. Many artists revert to behaving like children around any discussion of money and direct all such matters to their managers and yes that somehow good work is tainted if one asks for what one is worth.

      1. The most disgusting form of this I saw playing out in Africa, in some of the evangelist churches, where the priests have private jets or at least nice fancy limousines, the seating order in church is according to how much you donated (big donors in the front row) and all the poor people come and donate and believe that if you pray and donate enough, you will get rich. They even asked me: “I heard that in Europe, people don’t go to church so much – how can it be that they become richer than us, who pray so much?” The very logical answer to this didn’t occur to them…

      2. OMG! My eyes are wide right now with the audacity of it all! I knew about the jets, but the seating order! Wowsa!
        To be frank Eva regarding their spot on question about obsessive church goers I have said similar to my mother.

  6. I totally agree with your comment “The non lazy buck passers are also the type of people who toil hard and give excellent service in their line of work but disrespect their own talent or skill by waaaay undercharging.” My Ex and I owned our own business and I would have this “TALK” with him often. He would end up charging very little, then incur unexpected costs which we had to absorb. He would even provide our service to friends at no charge – not even charging them for the material. Guess I understand why, in part, he is my Ex…!
    Thanks for a great post!

    1. Miss Linda…we appear to have hung out with the same man who would often say, whilst doing interminable freebies, ‘at least I’m busy,’ like busy pays the rent!
      It’s a terrible sickness this lack of self belief and esteem. It prevents many from making good independent businesses viable.

  7. This post is; if not food for the soul, definitely for thought…

    Having an avid love for learning & expanding my horizons…I have often thought even said some of what you shared here, though I can’t seem to pray what I preach & recognizing that my problem is the first step; right? (More great socially excusable phrases, ha, ha, ha).
    But back to the point, I have seen a few different blogs that offer a “Donation” option via Paypal. OK, so they are asking that blog followers/visitors support them. Since I did start blogging to have a way to showcase my art and trade; in hopes to establish a career in what I love & make money doing it; this made me think. I could do the same thing and started to give it serious consideration. This made me wonder…is it presumptuousness or smart? Your post gave me new insight and outlook on these questions. Your thoughts are welcome. Thank you so much for sharing this post I look forward to visiting again.

    Happy blogging to you & thank you for the follow!
    xxoo, Lady Juno

    1. I think it is both presumptuous AND smart! I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Put the donate button up, or don’t. It is not a huge money earner to be frank. You have to have good traffic to see some money come in and enough people who appreciate what you do.

      Looking at your archives you are fairly new at your blog so the thing to concentrate on would be touching people with your poetry. Build your appreciative audience, make them cry, laugh, sing with your beautiful utterances then worry about the money aspect.
      Hope that helps.

      1. Agreed! On all levels. Your reply is spot on.
        I am new to WordPress and hope it proves to be all that I have heard.

        Please let me be honest I’m not worried about the money aspect, as I am the good ole saying it’s not what you know but who you know…hence building a following, thus building a future, the money will come all on it’s own.

        Thank you for replying,
        xxoo, Lady Juno

  8. Being a great believer in the manifestation of money, and abundance I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your post. We worry incessantly about money and the gaining of it, when sometimes we need to remember that we’re doing money a favour by spending it. After all, where would money be without us little humans?
    Thank you for following my blog, I think in my next post I’d better be looking at LOA and affirmations.

  9. Interesting post. I referenced your article in my post today King Solomon’s Rare Treasure. I hope you don’t mind. If you do, let me know and I will delete it.

    Regards and good will blogging.

  10. Very interesting post! Especially that part about value ones services and not being afraid to ask for what one is worth.

    Small nitpick: the actual saying isn’t “money is the route of all evil.” It’s actually, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” (Paul in his letter to Timothy telling him how some people worshiped money rather than god.)

    1. Oh didn’t I say that? Then well nit picked! I don’t mind correction at all! Thanks Carissa, will fix. It makes the argument only stronger. No one has to worship money to accumulate it and use it merely as a tool.

      1. Just to be super nitpicky: the quote actually says “the love of money is the root of all KINDS of evil” – rather than all evil.
        But you’re right, money itself isn’t evil. It’s just a tool (or a collective hallucination, depending on how you look at it). It’s what we do with it that’s good or evil.

  11. Recently I’ve been appreciating more the saying “money needs attention.” It’s so true! When we pay attention to where our money goes, we may start managing it a bit better. Keeping the mindset “money is the root of all evil” is just what evil wants us to think. Of course, even someone coming from the most humble of circumstances can be an example; think Gandhi or Mother Theresa. HOWEVER, all those incredible change the world ideas rolling around in our heads can so much more easily be brought to fruition when we have a little cash to actually back them up. How many of us have envied those who volunteer, or travel or invent? I know I have. I’ve learned that with a little prioritization we can make our money go a bit further and even do some of the things we’ve always dreamed of doing. Some of the most generous individuals are those who have money. They have been able to bless others through their own success. I hope some day to have a lot of money. Not so I can buy an extravagant wardrobe or have vacation homes the world over. I want to be successful so that I can do positive, inspiring and life changing things for those I come in contact with.

    1. Exactly! it’s a wonderful feeling when someone is going through a hard time to not only offer a hug and / or an ear but some practical solutions to their problems which are often, (not always but often) bought by money. eople who are frightened of money seem to miss this.Thsnks for dropping by!


    1. Yes I suppose it IS a protective measure as well. Money is the evil enemy that’s why we CHOSE not to have much of it! At least you realized that you must formulate your own opinions on the matter. There are so many stuck in their parents unchallenged views on a number of topics! Thanks for visiting Tanyell. I ma looking forward to reading some organically bold and non traditional opinions!

  13. Yup – know about fractional reserve banking – although could do with a brush up for my memory banks. I do find it all fascinating though and I know that I’m lucky to have the luxury of finding it fascinating as I have eaten today and drank lovely cool, clean water – unlike some.
    Anyhoo, I’m a vampire and hardly sleep – if you ever need a WordPress ear that’s been there (and is still going there) for the other issue!

  14. Money has no intrinsic value, we assign it that ourselves. FIAT currency is not something to be praised and I firmly believe is hurting human society as a whole.

    I’m not really on the bandwagon for monetary based economies. We could do so much better and be so much happier without all this hideous economic disparity and the pursuit of more wealth.

    That old adage “The rich get richer…” Yeah. Kinda true.

    1. It so is. I’m more interested in the intricacies of ‘the game’ that folks like us are not really invited to play and beating it.
      1. I’m interested in your alternate society ideas for non monetary based economies if you have any – or do you just like the concept?
      2. Please keep up the blog – I started one waaaay back, when each day was an oppressive hole that I seemed to be the only one screaming out of. It helped focus me and was a place to express those awful feelings. We are not all the same and it might not ultimately be the answer for you as drugs are not the answer for me – but keep it up and see. I highly recommend it.

      1. I am by no means an expert on economics but I like to do my own reading/research and try to explore alternatives.

        I know it’s probably pie in the sky until there is some kind of massive conciousness shift but I really do wish we operated on a resource based economy rather than some arbitrary currency based approach (which is what it has become, banks literally create money out of thing air: see fractional reserve banking).

        Of course if you ask me how we would achieve that I’d have to shrug, it’s definitely a romanticised view that I hold. Still there is something that irks me about knowing full well that every human being on this earth could have what they need if certain types of people were willing to let go of their greed.

        Thanks for the encouragement, it’s definitely making me feel better to be able to vent/write πŸ˜€

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