The mostly male audience were enjoying this video until they found out why the women were dancing.

Watch this Video. Watch Your Daughters.



  1. Yeah, baby…. oh. Uh-huh, not sex, not cool. Definitely tyranny. When people think this is a lifestyle “choice,” they need to look at it again.

    So glad you shared this. Meredith

  2. OH wow, I bet mr Wolf-Whistler felt like a douche after that. I hope those expressions caught on camera were real, it looked like those men were really impacted by the message.

  3. A M A Z I N G !!!!! Thanks for sharing this. We are currently in the post-production phase of a film to combat human sex trafficking and tourism here in Brazil. It’s to be released for the World Cup in May.
    p.s. if interested in seeing the first cut teaser you can do so here: (just scroll down to “Labirintos Internos”

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