Scorned Woman Cuts Off Tatoo And Mails It To Ex

Torz Reynolds gets one in the eye on her boyfriend by slicing off the top layer of skin containing a tattoo that said…wait for it….’Chopper’s Bitch’ and mailing it to him. In her mind this is revenge for his unfaithful behaviour. Her ex boyfriend, the elusive Chopper, had told her he was leaving the UK for a dream job in Alaska and she had tearfully waved him off at the airport. She later found out that Alaska, in Chopper’s mind, was actually another woman (based in the UK), whom he had been sleeping with for over a year.

Her ‘Aha Moment’

Clearly Ms Torz had one of those Oprah Aha Moments when the deep intellectual neatly carved off the top layer of her skin to send to her ex.


There was a reason he told her he was going to live in Alaska.

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20 thoughts on “Scorned Woman Cuts Off Tatoo And Mails It To Ex

  1. Why would a person EVER brand themselves with someone else’s name, or a derogatory nickname like that that anyway? 99% of the people I’ve ever known who have done that seem regretful about it in the end. PERHAPS putting your CHILD’S name, sure, I could even see myself allowing it…never a man, though. Besides, I have a name of my very own that I am proud to call my own… and no worries about losing my identity or personhood because I have self-respect which won’t allow that.

    1. I have my husband’s name tattooed on me. It was my decision as a way to show MY affection. I have not asked him to do the same because he isn’t the tattoo “kind” but I am. Nevertheless, getting your child’s name shouldn’t mean much these days either with all of the kids killing their parents and caregivers nowadays. I think it shouldnt be done without forethought but I still believe it is a nice gesture of love and loyalty. Now, the whole “bitch” part— no way! lol

      1. My daughter has “Mrs. ——– ——” across the waist on lower back and I said that means she has to stay married to him til death, lmao! I love her hubby and sure hope that IS the way it will be. Otherwise, she will need to get very creative in a do-over design…I doubt there’s another boy out there with that name..

  2. The depth of her feelings on the matter are plain to see. I hope she has reconciled her issues with the guy and is able to find someone actually worth bleeding for, this guy wasn’t it or he’d have been happy to bleed for her, not the other way around.

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