The Perverse History Of Traditional Marriage



14 thoughts on “The Perverse History Of Traditional Marriage

  1. Scary to think it wasn’t that long ago, any of it.

    My ex once asked me if I’d take his name once we got married. I said no. He asked why. I said not only because our names combined sounded awful, but I liked my own name. He said i should take it because it was a sign of “respect”. I asked him if he felt that I hadn’t respected him for all the years we were together. He said I had, but this was important. I said “Ok then, if it’s a sign of respect, I’ll do it, but you have to respect me too, and change YOUR name to mine. Pretty cool, then our kids will inherit my last name.”

    He never mentioned the subject again.

  2. Interesting how things change, including definitions of word. (Including traditional marriage!) I bet every change was fought just as much as people are fighting same-sex marriage now.

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