What’s Wrong With Eating Eggs and Dairy?

Honk If You're Vegan

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In September I had the pleasure of meeting my blogger buddy, Jean, in person. While chatting over a meal at The Plum Bistro, Jean shared how her mom went vegan. I already knew her mom, Carmen, from her blog Fashionable Over 50 and I knew that she was vegan, but I didn’t know why she made the transition. When I heard Carmen’s story I loved it so much that I asked her if she’d be willing to share it on my blog. Here’s the story, and when you’re done, check out her Animal Rights Day post.

What’s Wrong With Eating Eggs and Dairy? By Carmen from Fashionable Over 50

I used to be only a vegetarian until my daughter became vegan, informed me how cruel the dairy and egg industries are, and gave me John Robbin’s Diet for a New America. It was also around this time that my young son was raising a rescued…

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3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Eating Eggs and Dairy?

    1. It’s good because even though i had heard this before I have still gone to the supermarket and totally forgotten why I should lay off the eggs and cheese. It’s a good informer and reminder of how unnecessarily vile we humans can be and that if I can help it I don’t want to be party to it. So there it sits reblogged and proud!

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