Christian Artist Walks Out Of The Grammys

ImageThere must be a God because I never thought I would see the day that I applaud someone taking a religious stance. Artist Natalie Grant and her husband having been fed an eyeful of bare wobbly asses and a menu of gyrating and twerking from artists such as Beyonce and some witchery demon-y stuff from Katie Perry (I didn’t see it myself), opted to vacate the premises.

Whilst I can’t comment on a show that I didn’t watch, I like the dames class. She left and it seems did not make a ballyhoo about it. The sexual, sexist occulty flavour of the music biz was not her shizz but she pointed no fingers in her explanation of her leaving. I like folks with strength of conviction and as a musician it would be great if the music biz was mostly about music.


121 thoughts on “Christian Artist Walks Out Of The Grammys

  1. It is powerful to stand for what you believe and offer no apologies about it. Be true to you. Thank you for following my blog. Much blessings and success to yours.

  2. Thanks for the post! I had no idea that Grant had stood up for her faith so gently! Since I do not listen to regular music I do not watch them! I’m a contemporary Christian music woman!

    1. You are welcome! πŸ™‚ I’m yet to listen to Miss Grant – I will get round to it, but who else would you recommend I listen to in that field. I like strong vocals, not to much tiresome vocal gymnastics, good lyrics, contemporary, not schmaltzy.

      1. not sure, I love all types of music….rap, rock, hymn based, my playlist has: Jeremy Camp, Toby Mac, The Newsboys, Tenth Avenue North, Matthew West, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Jars of Clay, Heather Williams, Sidewalk Prophets, Amy Grant, Francesca Batticelie, I would youtube them and see who you like…..He Reigns by Newsboys is probably one of my favs.

  3. My friend and I talked about this a bit and decided it would have been better for her not to have gone at all. How long has she been a Christian? One of her songs “Salvation” claimed she was eight. And yet she had no idea of the material that would be propagated to her at this event? Really? So did she go just for attention/publicity? Yes, perhaps it’s a good example for those who didn’t realize what it would be and found themselves uncomfortable while there, but she should have known better. Mandisa, another Christian artist who was invited, did not go. And she receives no applause (or at least not as wide spread as Natalie). As a Christian myself, though I like Natalie (she was one of the first CCM artists I listened to as a new believer), I have to say Mandisa was wise to plan ahead, as Proverbs instructs. Though I am glad Natalie left, think of all the trouble she could have saved her eyes and ears from if she’d stayed home instead.

    These are just ideas to get the brain thinking. I don’t want to condemn Natalie for leaving, I’m GLAD she did, I’m just trying to think objectively. She probably was just excited for the event (which I did not see, mind you) and probably just didn’t think about it having explicit material. We all have those moments. No one will think of everything.

      1. Good question! Here’s what she said on facebook:

        Posted by Mandisa on Monday, January 27, 2014

        The reason Natalie left was one of the reasons Mandisa didn’t go.

        Sorry for lack of clarity!

      2. Okay interesting, really interesting, although it sounds a lot like she lacked confidence to go more than her objecting to what was going on at the awards, which is fair enough. It’s not easy out there!

  4. Hi there folks, thanks for liking my own blog by the way. I’m no Bible expert or perfect Christian by any means but ever since my teens in the 1980s I have seen for myself how rapidly society is descending into a morally defunct cesspit, and as our spineless governments cave in to liberal pressures that use human rights etc as their excuse, more and more of that morality is nibbled away. Just because a law makes something legal does not mean it is right by any means, and let’s face it, all of us at heart know it but humanity is very good at justifying itself to itself – look at the Nazi propaganda machine which found horrifically plausible excuses for the most hideous of acts. Good on anyone who finds the courage to take a stand! I for one find the Grammys, Oscars etc a sorry show where the tasteless and mediocre get rewarded more often than not above those with real ability just because they may look better or be more popular. What a shallow lot people are!

  5. That definitely takes class, common sense and artistic integrity as the grammy’s is a display of occult, attention-seeking, soul sacrificing offensiveness in the name of ‘music’/ ‘entertainment’ ! I like her!

      1. (I don’t share her filter, all art is expressive and i turn my nose up at very little) but she reacted to something she felt was out of line with her own convictions and her subtle response has generated conversations at the grammy’s, on this page and in other circles, which generates energy. this makes her a beacon of light that will shine continuously and effortlessly by doing nothing more than being.

  6. Alexander Solzhenitsen reminded us that the disappearnace of art is one sign of a collapsing culture, back around 1973 or so if I recall …And we need artists who see it and one way or another, say it.

  7. Reblogged this on JesseGarboden and commented:
    You must take a stand for your convictions even if the others mock at you. I would rather have my God who loves me praise me for my actions being a music God in hollywood. Hollywood and the enemies are pure evil they have been for a long time.

  8. Yes, I’m partial to music for the music as well as other things like film with character and plot as opposed to special effects and sound that shakes the theater’s walls. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate “The Follow.”

  9. Opinions & people who stick it out to show their convictions are how we keep from being bored in life. People in any kind of business never pay attention to anything without other forms of sexual content because that is what our society has been brought up in. We as people need to spend more time in changing others around through our own convictions to be paid attention to as has these artists have done through time. This is how we are noticed & how we bring change through us & others too.

  10. First of all, thanks for the follow on “fatihsighanddiy”. I am not aware of the incident you posted but Candace Cameron (former child star of sitcom “Full House”.) has taken a similiar stance on DWTS (Dancing With the Stars). She is presenting herself with a great deal of class while letting the public know of her faith. We need more people who walk their faith but in a way that doesn’t turn off people. It can be done. God bless

  11. I follow her and what she did deserves to be applauded. Natalie Grant simply left because she couldn’t and any of that trash. I used to watch all of that until it got ruined :/

  12. Loved your “Absentee comment” . I send you one of my posts on facebook some time back.
    ” We do love our bodies and our ‘ excretory ogans ‘ the most. but our minds, Not so much. ” The paradox is that our sexual organs are use to propagate life. There is a lesson in Humility in there, somewhere.

  13. I refer to the mass wedding of gay couples reported all over the news. I use “disgusting abomination” as it aptly fits scripture. This tends to infuriate some people against God and maybe that is why it is there. We all need to take a stance one way or the other. I add the word disgusting as it is part of the definition of abomination.

    They are not my facebook findings, but reported on some of the Christian news pages. Search the terms in google with quotes and you will come up with the very comments made on her page.

    I think what may be falsely reported is that she left during someone’s performance. She claims that to be untrue. This is probably why it has become such an issue.

    Personally I don’t care what takes place behind closed doors as long as it stays behind closed doors and nobody is being victimized. Putting it in front of everyone’s face in such a blatant way is asking the public to accept it. The only way to not accept it is by refusing to watch it or take part in any way. Now days it is becoming normal and people are starting to accept it because of it. I can go on, but I won’t.

    I like the quote from Mother Teresa β€œI was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

  14. I think it is speculative on her reason for leaving, but I do know there is high probability she was filled with disappointment in the behavior shown by others there.

    Here is a glimpse of what our world is coming to. These are some comments posted on her facebook page that I found in the news:

    β€œIt’s unfortunate that you follow a God who has conditional love,” one commenter wrote. β€œI follow a God who loves and embraces all kinds.”

    β€œJesus would be saddened and ashamed of homophobia,” another asserted.

    It is apparent that many Christians do not take the time to study God’s word. Certainly, God is unconditional with our choices of free will, but very conditional on his marriage with his church. I don’t want to marry a disgusting abomination. Do any of us? It certainly appears so.

    I don’t need to judge or condemn anyone. They seem to do a very fine job of that themselves.

    Stand up for what one believes in. Be fully prepared for the consequences though.

    Natalie is one of the few strong ones that is in the spot light. Not ashamed to take a stance.

    Pray our Lord Father, give her strength.

    1. Who or what are you referring to as ‘disgusting abomination?’ Beyonce? Homosexuals? Folks in general?
      It is interesting your Facebook findings as I was only told today by someone else that she is getting stick for her walking out and wondered what folks were objecting to since she hadn’t made a big deal about it.

  15. Reblogged this on **JeMiMa** β™₯ and commented:
    I didn’t watch the Grammys but reviews and write ups about them were allover the place…I usually mainly look out for the clothes; you have to agree, some of the most beautiful clothes are worn on the red carpet. So anyway, today I came across an article on something that happened at this year’s grammys and even though I had watched them, I’m almost certain I wouldn’t have noticed it….
    The ish-detailed explanation is on here..
    But here is a #Reblog of the post where I actually found the story.
    Romans 12: 1-2 – 1 Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

  16. So what if the music industry changed? How would we go about setting up the artists that actually do or area willing to have a sense of conviction around them?

      1. Well maybe I overlooked the point if so forgive me I spend more nights awake than I do asleep. I just know that’s the exception not the rule for an artist to walk out of the grammys. So I was wondering how does one help positively affect a person’s consciousness to produce more artists like this? I ask because someone that I am beginning to work with is about to pursue a music career.

      2. You show her artists that behave like that. You tell her that the reason artists like Sade and Adele stood out is because everyone else was writhing around onstage in stockings and suspenders, one after the other on any award show you care to mention – then Adele stepped up with no bells, whistles, tiresome backing dancers (forgive me dancers! I know some of you are outstanding!) or exposed bra and she made the world stop breathing for a few minutes with the depth of her emotion.
        These people tend to last. Sade has been coming back for 4 decades! So has Madonna BUT that ‘look at my butt’ group is over crowded. The ‘listen to my voice’ group isn’t.
        If she is beautiful she is going to meet a lot of resistance. – If she is truly talented and that sexual direction is not HER choice this means she is with the wrong AnR so it’s up to her if she wants to keep fighting it or give in.
        If it is HER choice to spotlight her talent and not her arse she might read Ani DiFranco’s story for encouragement.

  17. I don’t necessarily agree with the strong sense of religious views at times (please accept my apology), but I give big round of applause as well for the fact that someone is standing up for what they believe in, when they know that is what’s in their heart and not be restricted by what is the standard.

    My Regards-

    1. Too often, Christians assume that anyone who voices conservative values is a fellow Christian. Some folks simply benefit from a traditional background of loving discipline, and are the better for it.

  18. Cheers to Natalie. What Matthew McConaughey did with his speech sent a direct message to the shocked, Hollywood establishment. I heard rumors that he has been getting phone calls from them all asking who this “agent” named GOD is and how much he would charge to represent them and make them all successful also! 😝

  19. I’m not all that familiar with Natalie Grant but here’s to her for not pointing any fingers or making a big deal of it. She didn’t like what she was seeing so she quietly left, good for her.

  20. Unfortunately, we as human beings do ourselves no favours in this quest to have it all now, and wanting our 15 minutes of fame has become such an obsession that we will garner the limelight even if it means showing ‘our bits’ to the world…’s quite sad really.

    1. Not all that long ago, virtue or heroism produced fame. Exhibitionist, or any other base, public behavior, if it was acknowledged at all, produced infamy.

  21. Natalie Grant’s dignified protest speaks volumes about her faith. Instead of spewing a diatribe against anyone she silently excused herself. That is real strength of character.

  22. I admire her for being able to leave and not worrying about what anyone else thought. It’s much easier for me to just change the channel (which I did.) That Beyonce number was shocking and way too much for TV. I’m so glad my sons didn’t see that!

  23. Yes, fairly short! The only one, top of head – well, 2 including Natalie Grant whom I did not know before this incident – hang on have to look up her name – she wins all the awards – Taylor Swift.
    I think we can safely say Christian and MOST country singers would fit the bill.

    The list would come to an abrupt end with mainstream pop artists! Actually I just thought – might be fun to put that list together πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and see if it DOES run out pretty quickly! I shall keep you posted!

  24. Praise God, someone isn’t afraid to stand up for morality! I admire her as she stands firm for our Lord! Haven’t watched this show for twenty years due to its trashy content.

    What a sad commentary on America. When is it going to stop? I was sitting in front of this absolutely gorgeous young lady at the PGA golf tournament Thursday, thinking how fortunate she was to “have it all” until she opened her mouth and then every other word was from the gutter or worse. I moved away but how sad that one gets immune to foul language. Thank you for this post. Pray for enlightenment and conviction of sin, Blessings,

    1. Hallo Ellie, whilst working I had a B&W film on in the background which had Shirley Temple and Cary Grant in it. Now, I’m no prude but I couldn’t help notice the difference in the way the women held themselves and were dressed – no dresses cut to the navel with breasts flapping in the wind, no foul language etc And the generlal assumption that men should be gentlemen and the way THEY were dressed also. There is something about that that I miss.

  25. I am not a prune or old fashioned but I believe some things should not be done i public. Well done Natalie. We tend to accept that nudity and questionable behaviour as a norm in today’s society. If a young mind sees that on a regular basis then the youngster will have to accept it as “normal”.
    They must stop making sexual movements to sell records, I see this as a marketing ploy to get noticed.

    1. I’m glad you are not a prune! I’m assuming that is a terribly charming mistake. You are right of course, it is about marketing, but I can’t believe that record companies can be so shortsighted about this.

  26. The whole point of being a Christian, one, is taking a stand for Jesus Christ and God, two, follow his word, three, Christianity is not popularity contest. I don’t see Christians do that in this day of age.

  27. The most insecure people make the biggest noise. The fact that his young woman and her husband left quietly, without grandstanding, tells me she does not need the approval of others to feel good about her life or her decisions. If only there were more role models like this for the young rising in the entertainment business. That world would be a better place. πŸ˜‰

    1. Why restrict such role-modeling to the entertainment business? Young people in general could well use examples of strong character. Applause for anyone who has convictions and lives by them.

    2. Great comment! I love Natalie Grant’s music. She is the real deal and in the face of critisim for her stand (I heard an interview on 99.1 JoyFM in St. Louis) she still took the high road and her comments remained classy without getting defensive nor snarky.

    3. I liked your response and stopped to visit your blog site. Your poetry is lovely, humorous, and thoroughly engaging. Is it okay to reblog the “As Good as Dead” poem to my site? The ending was so totally unexpected that it was super delightful!
      In grammer school I did a poem (don’t know if it was my first or not, but it probably was), and not understanding poetry, all the sentences ended with words using “all” (tall, ball, small, etc.). The teacher was nice enough to make me feel terrible in front of the whole class.

      1. Of course you can re-blog. I feel honoured that you would wish to do so. … I feel your pain on that last bit of your comment. Did you read my post on my own mortification when the teacher, in front of the whole class, practically accused me of plagiarizing? I hope you are continuing to write poetry. Reprint your grammar school poem if you remember it, and give it the place of honour in your life it deserves. Even if you didn’t understand poetic form at the time whatever you wrote came from your heart. That, at least, earns an “A” for effort. πŸ˜‰ The other stuff is understood over time. … Some so-called teachers just shouldn’t be teachers. Thanks for stopping by and be well … Dorothy πŸ™‚

  28. Good for her. I can’t even watch one minute of that stuff. I remember the days when an artist would stand there and sing and that was it (Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, the Beatles, etc.). Thank God for Natalie Grant, Selah, Michael W. Smith, Nicole Mullins,Phillips, Craig and Dean, the Gaither people. I also love Jackie Evancho (hope the business doesn’t ruin her), Michael Buble.

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