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I’m one of the editors of the lifestyle, culture, art and interiors magazine The Home Style Directory. This journal is a smorgasbord of things that fascinate my tiny brain! Home, life, culture, business, blogging, art, animals, people… I was enlightened about the sexiness of wp by Michael a fellow staff member. So now I come to conquer!!… Or indeed play conkers, whichever is most viable.

I’m a stickler. I usually get there!


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  1. I thought it was about time I popped over here to see who thought I was a “classic” writer. 🙂 I’m intrigued about a comment you made about having a conversation with me some time ago about childhood. It had to be at least 2 years ago. Fancy you remembering stuff like that? So impressed!

    1. Ha! Love blogging. Love the genuine people you get to meet, whether I talk to them every week or every month or even a few years lol! Wish I had more time to read more bloggers and never quite understand how anyone can see reaching out as a blog ‘chore’ – but c’est la vie. No, it’s a pleasure and thanks for blessing up the page and visiting!

      1. I love the phrase: “blessing up the page” – that is so Jamaican which I am! Try saying it in a Jamaican accent – it’s a whole tropical vibe going on. LOL Totally agree about the joy you get from blogging and meeting so many talented, gifted, wise and amazing people. How did we not speak for a whole 2 years? Unbelievable! Glad we’re in touch again. 🙂

      2. I’ve been following your blog for a few years, though I rarely come over to WordPress these days, most of the people I followed have left.
        Anyway, I notice you review books, and that you have a huge following. I have a decently good novel I’ve written, and I wonder if you could put it in your reading list? It’s called “Badlands” and it’s a western in genre, but the theme is about good and evil, God and man, and how we are interconnected in ways that aren’t as obvious as we seem to think. The ripple effect that one person’s actions have on another and how that can cascade into events that affect many other people is also within the story.
        I don’t beat the reader over the head with any of this. The story can be read as a thriller without the necessity to dig deeper.
        In order to ensure my authorship and have the copyright claim confirmable, I’ll be placing it on WordPress in instalments. Please let me know if you’re interested or not. Thanks.

      3. This may be a copy and paste comment (and why not?) but I have never reviewed books Donald!
        However, love the name and well done for completing! Stick around as we have an upcoming feature for writers that does away with all the usual bs and gets to the crux of providing the answers to what any author needs. Audience. Sales.

      4. Oh, I didn’t realize that. You’re one of only five people I follow, so mostly I’ve only seen the captions and initial text to your articles, because I haven’t been very active on WordPress.

        Nah, I haven’t been going around pasting the same request to people. You’re the only one I’ve asked, and probably the only one I will ask, as a specific request, as I did here. (We’ve had some brief but pleasant chats in the past.)

        By the way, I give myself a positive review on my story. It has a good plot and a non boring story that is reasonably well written.

      5. Ah, yes I always check (folk) to rejig my (fairly bad!) memory but couldn’t as your blog is private. – Why is it private if you are promoting your book by the way?

        As for reviews, they are great to collect and certainly help if you can get them but I think we could probably do a bit better than that and hopefully give your book the kick-start it needs.

        The introductory blog installments? Always a good idea. Also (if I understood correctly that you will be using your blog as a time-stamp copyright tool?) you might also just do the old fashioned recorded post to yourself (using a reputable company) to doubly ensure your copyright because (although not likely) your blog could be wiped out or hacked.

      6. Okay, thanks for the tips on copyright and your hopeful wishes for my project. Oh, I have many websites on WordPress. Some, I’ve just made and left for people to use. I made those to give back to the community.
        Why is my current blog private? Good question, and I have no idea. As mentioned, I’ve been inactive on WordPress and haven’t kept track of what’s where or why.
        Here’s the link to the site I set up for Badlands years ago. I placed the project on hold because I thought, rightfully, that my writing skills needed to be significantly improved. What there right now is the oldest stuff. Somewhat dreadful, and very subpar compared to what I’m finishing up now, which is the first book. There will be three books, and probably not four.

      7. I’ll probably be placing my first chapter up today on a site called Donald Miller’s Creative Writing. I think it’s an interesting read. I doubt anyone will be bored by it. It has at least that much going for it. 🙂

      8. Here’s where you’ll find my book, Badlands. https://badlandsquadrilogy.wordpress.com/
        I’m only an amatuer writer, but I think, depending on your taste in literature, you’ll find the writing and the story to be decently good – and, hopefully, entertaining.

        Thanks for being a catalyst to get the site in proper order. (It took a lot longer to do that ahn I thought it would. But I became determined to make it available, if you care to).

      9. Perhaps you will become a reader? I have the first four chapters published, new ones appearing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
        I found that it’s difficult to know which books I will like. I’ve read Pulitzer Prize winners that I didn’t much like, while being bowled over by books that didn’t sell very well. Maybe you’ll like this one.
        If I happen to be finding you at a slow time, maybe you can take me underwing about how to promote it. Perhaps you could view it as an experiment.

      1. I have. Your blog’s great. Unfortunately I don’t (have time to) watch anything you are reviewing – except for a few older classic films.

        It’s great they way you have sectioned out each post with subtitles and the categories. When I have more time I can hopefully go through some of the categories as they look well entertaining.

        How is your audience? I think TV/film heads would love this?
        (Vinster! 😉 )

      2. Oh excellent stuff! That’s good to hear. You have one of those blogs that with a bit of fairy dust and elbow grease has all the attributes to be (in my humble opinion) a high revenue beast! 🙂

  2. You helped me with an adventure and photography blog not too long ago. It’s growing modestly, and is a labor of love. I have another blogging challenge for you. The site is http://www.diaryofssexaddict.com. I find I like writing in this area, and I have received really positive feedback on the site and the quality of the writing. The question is how to get out there. Traditional social media outlets won’t touch this. And if you have a comment about the site and writing quality generally I would appreciate it.


  3. You must get tons of these, but I believe in seeking out expertise in areas in which I am a novice. As withmany of your readers, I have just started a blog. http://www.navigationjason.com. I was hoping you might stop by, and perhaps make a few recommendations to grow my readership and improve content. Thank you. Jason.

    1. I dropped by. First impression: Wow!

      A lot of photographers don’t choose great templates to show off their work, I think yours really works so that’s step no.1 taken care of.

      I like to read lots of blogger’s posts and explore each site. I do not have the time scheduled to do that today so if I see you around these here parts as a regular I will definitely get there and it will be a pleasure because what I saw looked amazing.
      Pop up boxes generally annoy me but your subscription box is positioned fine and didn’t for some reason – perhaps because I have a large screen computer? Maybe if I have a small screen it might act as an unnecessary barrier to your work? Just something for you to ponder because you can always put a subs box after every post or in the sidebar as the majority of folk will not access your site via a large screen computer.

      If you haven’t already I would sign up to get my free regular irregular(!) blogging tips and assistance from the right hand column —->
      Good luck.

      1. What a delight it was to to receive and read your response. Rare is today that people are willing to devote focused attention and time to help others in the pursuit of their new projects and aspirations. It was very encouraging. And I appreciate it immensely.

        I have signed up to follow and receive your regular/irregular blogging tips. In fact, I scoured the first one from my inbox just the other day. I hope in the near future you have just a little more time to review and offer some greater insight regarding the posts and other features of the site.

        Already your thoughts on the pop up have my wheels turning. I was never really that comfortable with that idea in the first. So, I will be revisiting it soon, and will perhaps make a change.

        Again, thank you.


      2. Oh it will be a pleasure – and I do Blog Surgery that covers one to one assistance. – Time is my enemy though, as is my poor memory, that’s why when I see folk in the comments regularly it triggers me to go visit on my scheduled rounds. But yeah keep up the great work, I will be fascinated to eventually learn what you hope to do (or are already doing) with your am-az-ing portfolio aside from blogging, if indeed anything.

      3. Lol! “Blog Surgery.” Ought to go on a bio and/or business card. Special niche, and when that is invaluable if you know what you’re doing–like a real surgeon. Be good. And thanks. 🙂

      1. Sure! I needed my followers’ help in making me win a literary contest, which is voting based. You guys like my work and this is the time to show your love! The link for voting will be provided from this Friday!

        If you wish to vote for me, I will be more than elated!

        Hence, I needed the email ID, to share you the link 🙂

      2. 🙂

        The votings are huge and I know that not all friends may vote for me, some may say yes and forget, so I want to take this to my followers and ask them, to do me a small favor, in return of what they love about my work!

        So will you help me?

      3. I think it’s an interesting approach Ameen but to be fair I have never spoken to you before today. My thing is about real friendships, sincerity and community, especially amongst bloggers helping bloggers. This is something I promote very strongly amongst my own community.

        I also think it is always good to ask so I really wish you well with your campaign.

      4. True! I have a huge following on WordPress and I try my best to read through posts and works by fellow authors, who follow me or whom I follow!

        With this initiative, I thought of appreciating all the bloggers for their work, because having a voice and empowering it, is no less than a big win! So congrats on that too!

        I obviously have the right to express my words to those who follow mez because they must have liked and appreciated atleast some part of my work, which enabled them to follow my work and hence, this small request was born of it!

        It is completely fine on your part to not support me ! It is your right!

        Anyway, thank you for your time and keep doing the good work! You rock 🙂

      5. I already had respect for you simply for asking, many are too scared/lazy! I didn’t know that you are from ‘Good Blogger Land’ and read and keep up with fellow bloggers as I don’t know you. A fact that would be nice to change (on both sides) so that future requests could not only warrant the extra time out to help but also comes from a genuine place as I don’t really do the fake follower sh*t.

        I merely follow as an introductory online handshake, what occurs from there is up to the responder.
        Thank you for YOUR time. You sound like cool people.

  4. Hello!!
    I was wondering if I could get your email address? I am a watercolor artist, seeking out collaborations with homestyle/diy blogs and yours seems to perfect!
    Look forward to hearing from you!

      1. Like some kind of feature collab. I am trying to grow my business, and I was thinking that a collab with some creative blogs would help.

  5. Hi, I liked the outlook of your blog and appreciate the intention to help fellow bloggers. Thank you!
    At the beginning of year 2015, I decided to publish a book of mine. I got one published very recently on Amazon. The readership meter needle hasn’t moved yet, though 🙂
    Even so, I’m feeling quite relieved and am prepared for new challenges now!

  6. great site! I really appreciate your content!!!

    I was unable to find another way to contact you, so I will do so here:

    You are a current and valued follower of the Human Ponderings Blog, because of this I want to inform you of some changes happening to the blog…

    The Human Ponderings blog has a new home- http://www.humanponderings.com WordPress has served me so well and I am so grateful for the friends, followers, and interactions I have gained there- however by making Human Ponderings into it’s own site I have much more control and access over the blog which will allow Human Ponderings to (hopefully) grow in wonderful new directions!

    Thank you for your time!
    As a fellow blogger I would appreciate it if you could take a brief moment to explore the new website (still under construction but mostly done and open for public viewing) and perhaps provide some feedback!

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