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I’m a stickler. I usually get there!

NSFW! – Moms! Christians! Black Commentators! Feminists…we need to talk!


This is the new cover of Paper magazine. As with the post on Rhianna’s bottom, a woman’s exposed bottom is never just a woman’s exposed bottom.

There are so many thoughts on this one:

1. Our Queen?

Without doubt Ms Kardashian is reigning supreme as everything that represents a GENERAL modern mindset and the zeitgeist. – Like it or not. If aliens came down to earth today they’d ask to speak to our Queen Apparent, the person that millions appear to idolize and talk about the most – Ms Kardashian West. Are we all going to hell for allowing this to happen or should a girl be allowed to make her money in peace and buy shoes?

2. The Black Community

Will the black community appreciate more appropriation of their imagery and culture whilst a white person gets the credit (and the loot) for what they have been lambasted and denigrated for throughout the centuries?

3. The Feminists

Will feminists love this shot? (Cough! Sorry just choked on my own ridiculous words!) But hey, some feminists may interpret this as a woman’s freedom and choice? And then there’s the photoshopping…

4. The Artists

I love me some Jean Paul Goude who created this and some fantastic iconic imagery especially with Grace Jones, but is this something only artistic people can get behind? (Yep just noticed the pun!)



5. The Moms (and Pops)

Mothers may be up in arms with the ‘bad role models of our society’ angle, are you a Mom? What do you think? Is Ms Kardashian’s world stage and influence a concern for you?

6. The Bloggers

To my blogging pupils, forget the purposefully controversial image for a minute, the idea of ‘breaking the internet’ is a perfect analogy of how you should approach your articles if you wish to get (tons of) readers. Is it one you might follow?

7. The Christians

And then my Jesus loving Christians! How does this fireball conversation-starter image sit with you? Would Jesus in jeans today be mad or would He be at the shoot hanging with Ms Kardashian…’member the Bible and who Jesus chose to hang with there?


What say you?!

I’ve put the kettle on and filled the cookie jar… Bring it!


The NSFW pics can be seen here.

Is Childhood Obesity The Same As Child Cruelty?

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I say this…

Not from a lack of understanding that ‘food’ today is not really food anymore. We are rather like incubated test animals being experimented on by people who aren’t even pretending to have regard for the human condition. So illness and obesity is almost par for the course if you are not super careful and in some cases wealthy enough to have freshly grown healthy food cooked everyday for you and your loved ones.


However, we DO know that the choices of some parents are tantamount to poisoning their children with sugar, fake sugars, fats and all sorts of unidentifiable chemicals shoveled onto the ready-made ‘food’ and sweets they train their children to love.


So, School Me People!

- Come off it Ed, parents have it hard enough trying to raise children and er…whatever else, in some cases.

- You know what Ed, you might have a point. I think we can consider childhood obesity the same as child cruelty.

What say you?



Ladies!..(And Gents) Is This Harassment?

This woman walked through the streets of NYC for 10 hours to document what most women have to put up with whilst going about their business. Ladies, we’ve all been there right?


So School Me!

I’ve had this in many countries around the world…in different ways.

In Africa you get catcalls but mostly unblinking stares from one end of the street to the other. In London, similar to the video but slightly more restrained. In Scandinavia, polite questions. In Paris, stares and a few cat calls – but not a lot. NYC has to be the loudest and most opinionated about one’s shape, butt and what they would like to do with you as in the video and in LA you get stopped so men can tell you their resume and about the ads they’ve appeared in! (I’m only partly joking!)

Now I’m a pretty down to earth gal. You be polite to me and I’ll return it. I said hallo to whomever said hallo to me, (this did include women I should add). It only took a second to smile and nod and then move on.

Sometimes you would get a persistent pest and you’d have to duck into a shop if they did not get the message that the conversation was over. But should I have had to do this?

Occasionally a man / boy would get aggressive because I did not care to share my phone number with someone I had literally just met…

I have also been followed, not just for 5 minutes as in the video, but all the way home at 3am by some c**t who stopped me from going out again socially until I passed my driving test.


Should I be screaming harassment – or is this just an unfortunate fact of life?

Is the video showing a woman suffering harassment?

Fathers, would you like men to treat your daughters this way on the street and did you do this to other folks daughters?

Moms, is this serious enough for one of those ‘talks’ with your daughters and what street harassment have you experienced?

And does it really warrant a raising money for a non profit dedicated to fighting street harassment?!