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In our unfailing support of entrepreneurs, bloggers and creative souls, ALL our various Communities thrive on soulful interaction, but as the numbers become stacked against me here at The Journal, apologies if I haven’t been able to reply at first *hallo.* I’m stubborn. I usually get there!

I’m a stickler. I usually get there!

Ladies!..(And Gents) Is This Harassment?

This woman walked through the streets of NYC for 10 hours to document what most women have to put up with whilst going about their business. Ladies, we’ve all been there right?


So School Me!

I’ve had this in many countries around the world…in different ways.

In Africa you get catcalls but mostly unblinking stares from one end of the street to the other. In London, similar to the video but slightly more restrained. In Scandinavia, polite questions. In Paris, stares and a few cat calls – but not a lot. NYC has to be the loudest and most opinionated about one’s shape, butt and what they would like to do with you as in the video and in LA you get stopped so men can tell you their resume and about the ads they’ve appeared in! (I’m only partly joking!)

Now I’m a pretty down to earth gal. You be polite to me and I’ll return it. I said hallo to whomever said hallo to me, (this did include women I should add). It only took a second to smile and nod and then move on.

Sometimes you would get a persistent pest and you’d have to duck into a shop if they did not get the message that the conversation was over. But should I have had to do this?

Occasionally a man / boy would get aggressive because I did not care to share my phone number with someone I had literally just met…

I have also been followed, not just for 5 minutes as in the video, but all the way home at 3am by some c**t who stopped me from going out again socially until I passed my driving test.


Should I be screaming harassment – or is this just an unfortunate fact of life?

Is the video showing a woman suffering harassment?

Fathers, would you like men to treat your daughters this way on the street and did you do this to other folks daughters?

Moms, is this serious enough for one of those ‘talks’ with your daughters and what street harassment have you experienced?

And does it really warrant a raising money for a non profit dedicated to fighting street harassment?!





Which Sleb lives Here?!

celebrity home tours


They rather like love – as long as it’s continuous!

They like babies – as long as they’re pretty!

They like a trip in the desert!

These are lame clues but if I said anything else it would be waaaaaay tooooooo easy!



Any idea folks?!


gnp no cheat

See who inhabits this really beautiful space and see the rest of the home tour here



lt logomaxresdefault

Just love these awkward photos on loan from awkwardfamilyphotos.com. I was inspired to show y’all these by the last shot which is wonderful – wait til you see it!

The poochies expressions above and below are priceless! Yes we are human. Yes quite a few of us are nuts. Get used to it Poochies!


Get your coat Nana, you’ve pulled! (Does that phrase travel across the Atlantic and elsewhere I wonder!)


You can just hear the photographer, ‘No, no! It’ll look romantic. This won’t look stupid at all!’



Awkward family photo, 2002

It’s that photographer again!

awkward-family-photo-in-the-navy awkward-family-photos-1

Yep. Same photographer!


I’m not that keen on one of my children…I don’t know…he just didn’t grow on me!


Yep! Same photog.


No one will notice!


I know! let’s swing the childre….aaaaagh!


Do I have to say it?


Just wrong! :)

glamor-shot-fail-26 Head-Games

I promise you…this will look really artistic. It will be you thinking about your lovely bride…


Love the baby above! But the piece de resistance that inspired this whole post was this lady below. She wanted to get a lovely shot of her beautiful newborn. It was all set up and she held him proudly and delicately in front of her and then AATCHOO! She sneezes all over baby! Yeeeees! Just look at that wonderful expression on the little one’s face! :)




Mutilating Animals For Profit

the insanity of humanity lg


There’s a new trend in town folks!…In China. Mutilating animals and begging ‘on behalf of the animal’ for money. In this story this camel has been purposely mutilated by having it’s legs cut off by homeless men. They’re homeless…think it was done ‘humanely?’



 Protected Species

Camels are supposedly a protected species in China. The local police said that mutilating people was becoming rather passe and earning less and less money so obviously animals were next. The police also said they could not do anything about this particular once majestic camel or the new trend in general because the people concerned were ‘not breaking the law.’

I however do have a solution – at least for this particular case…it involves 3 bullets.


Mutilated-Camel-1 Mutilated-Camel-2 Mutilated-Camel

Is Smacking A Child Acceptable?

cwt edt


I Say this Because..

As a Little’ Un, I was smacked once or twice, (clearly it was soooo devastating that I can’t even remember how many times I was hit!) and in spite of this I think I have turned out relatively okay!

I was hardly a hellish child and my crime was forgetting to bring my swimming cap to the swim baths and getting my hair wet, in spite of valiantly trying to keep it dry. (Damn those dive bombers!)


Earlier on this year, in a similar conversation online, I was told by a young gentleman who sounded like he had swallowed a book thin pamphlet on the psychology of child hitting, that despite my insistence that I had not yet hurt any cats or hit people or ‘gone postal’ as a grown up, that I was in fact deeply and traumatically disturbed and hurting inside and just didn’t know it. This was a bit like telling someone they had an incurable deadly disease however, it would never cause pain, it would not in any way alter their life, hurt them or kill them.


I have to also differentiate between a tap on the hand or bottom administered way after the ‘crime’ by a calm, measured parent and horrific, purposeful and sustained child abuse. There is a difference. Your answers will enlighten me as to whether that difference is still considered unacceptable in today’s world.


So School Me People!

Is smacking a child today ever acceptable?

What say you?



24 Confusing Messages For Your Delight!


12Right! Got that …or is it left?

3So…put your invisible pet on a leash. Got it.

4Which will of course inconvenience them greatly, seeing as they are already leaving.


…and of course the back is around the front.

12Clearly a new craze!

6 19I have tried this before. It sucks. Don’t do it.

18 7 17You have to wonder who is proof reading this stuff!…You know, BEFORE it goes onto a billboard!

16 15 14Updated for the recession.

13 11 22 10 21This message was probably written by Doctor Who. In which case it makes perfect sense.

9 20 8Just call the doctor.


Now even certain signs are for the privileged.